Monday, April 30, 2012

Z = Zone of Writing

Women, then, have not had a dog's chance of writing poetry. That is why I have laid so much stress on money and a room of one's own. ~ Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

Most writers require time and space to create their project; book, story or poem. This place is their creative or writing zone. As writers, we need to protect our space fervently, zealously and continually.

Where is your zone?

Thank you to the organizers of A-Z Challenge, this has been a wonderful exercise. Thank you to everyone who read this blog, and a bigger thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. I appreciate every note.


Suz said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog and the nuggets of wisdom I've gleaned here. So glad we survived the challenge.

Mina Burrows said...

I don't really have one. For me it's all mental and sadly lately that seems to be lacking. It's been wonderful meeting you this A-Z challenge :)

Diane Weidenbenner said...

Thank you for sharing your blog during this challenge. Without it, I might not have ever known about you. And, I'm glad I do. I've been wondering what it is that one does AFTER the Blogging from A to Z Challenge? Is there a support group? ;-)

Jessica said...

My zone is my house. The particular place changes from day to day, depending on weather, mood, etc.

Thanks for sharing!

A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to find the "Write" zone! This working out in the living room isn't very conducive for productivity or creativity, but I'm not able to squirrel myself away in my own room. *sigh* I'll get one eventually!

Congrats on finishing :)


Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Kate,

I finally made it over to say hi from the A-Z.. Congrats on making it!

I couldn't agree more, all artists, no matter what form of art, need their own space to create in.

For most of my life I shared my space, no choice really. Now I finally have a space for day use... It works for me. Some day... oh, some day.

Wendy H said...

I don't have a zone. I can't seem to find a place in my house that 'feels' like a good place to write. So I might be cooking breakfast one day and flip over the eggs and then turn to the cabinet behind me and type. Other days I just sit on my bed and type. I love the idea of a true writer's garret with a picture window out on some beautiful landscape. :)

Caroline Gerardo said...

My zone is, funny, on the kitchen table. The wood has indents, gouges and stains from the past twelve years of meals and homework. I started writing in this public place of my house to watch my children doing homework and also enjoy a peek at the view of ocean. Now that I am settled in the uncomfortable chair it works like magic. Don't ask - whatever works!