Friday, June 26, 2015

Peter and the Wolf

It isn't the first time that I've had the profound realization that music has a special power. 

Music makes people smile. 
Music makes people cry. 
It can raise emotions to anger or motivate a nation to patriotic fervor for the good of human rights or to the decimation of war. 

But today, a regular day with nothing notable to it, a song came on the radio as I drove up the street to my favorite coffee place to have tea. Not really a conformist no matter how hard I try. 

Anyway, as I punched the buttons through the commercials I came to the classical station and there, just beginning was the symphony, Peter and the Wolf. Instantly, I was transformed to a 7 year old girl sitting on my Dad's lap as he identified the different instruments; narrating as the music progressed. Until my imagniation took over and I watched as Peter hunted for the Wolf. 

What wondrous power music has to melt the years away, and what a wonderful piece of music to do it

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney created Mrs. Muir for the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. She was among the most popular actresses at the time. Her beauty and grace placed a high bar for actresses portraying ladies of the Victorian era. 

She worked with Hollywood greats such as John Ford, Joseph Mankiewicz creating memorable pictures with Rex Harrison and Rory Calhoun among others. 

Personally, she was married twice. Her first husband was Oleg Cassini with whom she had two daughters. She and Oleg remarried but the reunion didn't work out.  Her second husband was W Howard Lee, a Texas oil man.