Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O = Open-Minded

Truly great writers cultivate Open Mindedness. They cultivate open minds because with the state-of-mind the writer continues to improve their craft and expand on their body of work.

The Open-Minded writer contributes and receives new thoughts leading to brilliant story lines. The story lines have twists and turns that their readers enjoy.

During character development each new personality offices a learning experience for the character, the reader and the writer.


Joe loved being a firefighter. He felt born to battle fire.

Joe provides the opportunity for the writer to research a fire station, interview firefighters and learn about the psychology of these brave servants to society. Listening to real firefighter stories will inspire stories about the experience in ways the writer wouldn’t have previously imagined.

How will being open-minded help your story?


Tracy Makara said...

You make a good point here Kate. I feel that being open minded helps a lot with character development. To capture the different personalities of our characters we need to be open minded enough to think outside of how we would do or say things ourselves. Otherwise, all of our characters would be so much alike that our stories would be incredibly boring.

Nancy Thompson said...

I always try to be open-minded, to the point of being argumentative. I try to see the other side of the coin before passing judgment. Wish more people did that.

I'm a new follower via the A to Z. Nice to meet you, Kate.