Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I = Take the "I" Out

When starting a blog, it is best for the blogger to decide the subject and tone. Each blog presents the personality of the blogger. A to Z Challenge includes many well written blogs among the internet - sea of blogs.

Determining Subject

Specialized blogs are committed to one particular subject; a fan blog, a book blog, a family blog, a sports blog, etc. The blog subject determines appropriate content parameters. WhenKateBlogs is a miscellany blog by design including but not limited to book reviews, bits of history, recipes, fun facts & A to Z.

Determining Tone

Word choice and familiarity with the audience sets the tone. Questions to consider are: is the blog public or private? Are the appropriate settings engaged?

Journal writers usually write in the first person: I felt, I saw, I believe, I think. The openness required for the journalist / memoirist to post personal information in a public forum is amazing. In general, first person stories are of a private nature unless there is some greater generalize point being made by the example.

Well written blogs format to a short article style with a public tone. Many well written blogs are on the A to Z listing and a treasure to find.

Simple Components to a well-written blog:

1. Strong / interesting subject
2. Concise writing
3. Take the “I” out


Tracy Makara said...

Uh oh...definitely guilty with the "I" thing. Your post today caused me to think about this. I'm going to mull this over to see if changes need to be made.

anthony stemke said...

The "I" thing!
But shouldn't one always try to put "I"nterest in their writing so readers have something to chew on, so to speak?
Or perhaps you mean "I"nspiration, no that cannot be right.
Gosh, "I"m all confused now - oh, is that the "I" you mean?

Joanne said...

As you said, it does depend on the tone of the blog and Intent. I'm not keen on diatribes in a blog, but I do tend to enjoy the blogger's viewpoint. So much depends on the writing

loverofwords said...

Thank you for your advice. Ah, the ego. . .

Sylvia Ney said...

New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.


Kate O'Mara said...

Thank you Tracy, Anthony, Joanne, Lover & Sylvia! I appreciate your visit/comment! :)