Friday, April 6, 2012

F = Focus Focus Focus

Ernest Hemingway stayed in hotels to complete his manuscripts. Virginia Woolf had a room of her own. The rest of us, well, we need to develop strategies to stay focused on projects.

Five helpful hints incorporate the wisdom from organizing gurus:

1) Have a written plan for the project
2) Have a written schedule of all life activities
3) Write out each time allotment for each task
(include time limits for facebook, email & twitter)
4) Stick with the plan
5) Get help with other activities, anticipate glitches and protect your writing time

A writer's life can be amazingly busy. Keep goals in the forefront.

Focus, Focus, Focus!



Anonymous said...

Music helps me focus while I'm writing. Nothing with lyrics, though. Usually Rachmaninoff or Philip Glass for the post-apocalyptic feel.

Joanne said...

you are so right. I have to glue my butt to the chair and concentrate - ignore gardening, cleaning, laundry. It's easy to succumb to distractions.
I'm enjoying your a-z and being reminded of good writing skills and tips.

Sangita Kalarickal said...

So true. Local coffee shops are my favorite.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sharon said...

Focus is a great word and topic. Something I need much more of!