Sunday, September 28, 2014

30 years

Each day placed end to end over a period of time allowed for personal growth and change into a new person and now an elder. 

This weekend marked the first occasion that I was accepted as a new elder. I am so moved by the experience. There are not yet words. 

Monday, September 22, 2014


One of the most influential composers in history, Ludwig van Beethoven left us 32 piano sonatas. 

Piano sonatas are written for piano only. The romantic songs include the  Fur Elsie, Funeral March, Moonlight, Tempist and the Hunt

Beethoven's list of works were numbered. The sonatas are also given dull titles: Piano Sonata 1 in F minor, 2 in A major, 3 in C major, 4 in E-flat major, 4 in C minor, 6 in F major, 7 in D major, 8 in C minor, 9 in E major, 10 in G major, 11 in B-flat major, 12 in A-flat major, 13 in E-flat major, 15 in D major, 16 in G major, 17 in D minor, 18 in E-flat major, 19 in G major, 20 in G major, 21 in C major, 22 in F major, 23 in F minor, 24 in F-sharp major, 25 in G major, 26 in E-flat major, 27 in E minor, 28 in A major, 29 in B-flat major, 30 in E major, 31 in A-flat major, and 32 in C minor. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Route 66

The highway crosses the western half of the United States providing a major travel corridor from the middle of the country to the coast. Route 66 was established in November 1926 until it was officially displaced as an official highway in June 1985. 

The highway runs through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. 

For thousands of pilgrims in the 1930s, route 66 offered a way to leave the Dust Bowl to go West to start a new life. It also provided a road to connect hundreds of towns that were previously isolated. An entire travel economy developed along the route. 

Route 66 is part of American history. Nostalgia is best shown in the most recent tribute by Disney's movie CARS. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Passages from point A to point B offer lessons in life.

7 point story arc

Normal day - my character starts here.

Happening - a dilemma makes a normal day impossible

Quest - the path to resolution defined

Obstacle to Solution - nothing happens easily

Choices - if this then that... sometimes

Climax - the possibilities are endless but pick one

Resolution - happily ever after  until the next happening...