Tuesday, April 3, 2012

B = Believable

Write What You Know

We all know when we're reading a piece that is believable, even when its fantasy work.The truth is in the details.

Research the essential information for your story. If you don't know about something essential for your story, research, interview and check your details for consistency.

Example 1:
Sally & John stood on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, at midnight, Friday. To their surprise Leonardo DiCaprio sat in a BMW at the red signal light. Sally started screaming when the film star turned and smiled at her. Sally's star struck reaction changed the way John thought of her... forever.

Truth: Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen driving in the Hollywood area. Sally, and other women, have fallen into screaming fits at the sight of him.

Example 2:
Writing about Golf? Are you a golfer? If not, do some reading or talk with an expert before you place a Wood or a Putter in your character's hand.

Example 3:
Boaters know the difference between a sheet and a sail. Do you? Make your adventure in the Caribbean believable by researching the details before you write.

Example 4:
Watch You Tube of Dr. George Fischbeck to see a fabulous weatherman in action. He would know the difference between stratus, cirrus and cumulus clouds. On an alien planet the cloud pattern may be harbingers of future events.

Research the truth of your details to create a believable world.


Joanne said...

you are so right. People all have specialties and are well read on subjects. They'll tear apart a falsehood quickly. Good post.

Tamara Narayan said...

I'm attempting a historical novel so yes, the devil's in the details and it's hard as heck to get them all right.

G a z z a l i said...

short post but very good


G a z z a l i said...

short but sweetly written