Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Good Book

Even with technological advances of the internet, new devices that bring information instantly to the user, there is nothing quite like reading a good book.

Reading a book is more than information. A good book, a story book whether in short story form or extended to novel length, brings more than just information to the reader.

The tactile experience of a book creates a love affair with reading. The feel of quality paper, the turning of pages in a fine binding, the smooth sensuality of a good leather cover; there's nothing like it.

As time adds to the value of the story, it also adds to the sensory experience books provide. Aging paper gives first a hint then an intoxicating burst of vanilla & musty aging wood.

Are you a bibliophile? Indeed if you find that books fascinate you, entrance you or beckon to be bought because they feel good, smell good and satisfy your craving for adventure, fantasy or drama, you are in good company.  Famous Male Bibliophiles

Interested in aging books? You may enjoy this little tidbit from Richard at

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Half Marathon

No, I didn't half marathon today. But I am thinking about jumping in on the next one. I say I'm thinking about it because I haven't done any running of consequence for a couple of decades.

Yes, yes I did run a mile in under six minutes when it was required to pass Phys Ed. Yes, yes I did run after toddlers with lightning speed to keep them from the street, cars and other obstacles. But that was a long time ago, and without a reason to run, running stopped.

But today, after taking this photo of the half marathon shirt, hearing the cheers from half marathon runners and audience as they completed the race and seeing that while exhausted the marathoners all looked really happy, I thought to myself, maybe I could try this marathon thing.

The decision needs to be made by registration time. The next race is about six months away. The training schedule starts well after the registration due date which I think is clever of the marketing department. But I think if I'm going to register I need to be training too. Who knows at this point, it may be impossible to run so far?? They tell me know but I have no experience with this retraining as an old person.

Right now, its all about the best intentions.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Action Movies

2013 started with an excellent roster of films just waiting to be seen. Action movies come in a few different varieties: Violent Action, Adventure Action and Drama Action. From the selection available at your local movie theater, you may enjoy watching these suggested films.

Jack Reacher
The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey

Jack Reacher, based on a novel, starring Tom Cruise give action movie fans just what they're looking to find. Lots of booms and bangs. The business is serious: JUSTICE. The five-on-one fight scene is funny, violent and amazingly entertaining.

Absolutely loved this movie! I plan to purchase the DVD when it's available and enjoy it again.

The Hobbit, the creation of JRR Tolkien brings us face to face with Bilbo Baggins. Fans who have read the Hobbit will enjoy this movie version that includes the details from Tolkien's descriptions which brings Middle Earth to us.

Admittedly, I am a Tolkien fan. I've read all his books even The Silmarillion. I first read The Hobbit at 13, and am thrilled to see it come to life on the screen. This is another DVD I'm waiting to buy.

Flight, brings reality of a plane crash and the fall out from it to the screen. Absolutely a life-drama, there are no giggles from this movie. Denzel Washington is Whip Whitaker, a drunk who is an amazing pilot. In the end, it's memorable.

An amazing and sad story, it's true to life and Densel does a fabulous job of portraying the sadness of an alcoholic life. The pilot Whip Whitaker is extraordinary. His talent and skill at the controls saved lives. His sudden honesty gets him sober but he pays with his pilot license and time in prison. Good story, well acted.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Villains Needed

What's a story without a villain? Nothing. 

We may not like the bad guy but we'd be no where without him. Writers and readers learn to love to hate the villains. 

Take the story Peter and Wendy. Peter, the boy who wouldn't grow up was interesting, the relationships between Wendy & Peter and Tinker Bell & Peter make a nice triangle but without Captain Hook and the Pirates, we'd be reading a travel story. 

We're sympathetic to the hero of the story but think of your favorite story, the villain moves the story along in ways that hold your attention. 

So the next time you love a story, don't just thank the hero, thank the villain too. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Begins

Are you a reader? Are you a bibliophile?

Here are some trivia:

The oldest book is the RigVeda which pre-date 4000 BC. The collection of hymn and texts included a description of astronomical  occurrences which provides an approximate dating.

The second oldest surviving book is the Epic of Gilgamesh. Written in 2100 - 2000 BC in Mesopotamia, the current version dates from approximately 1600 BC.

Project Gutenberg offers one of the largest collections of books on the internet. 

 Bertrand, a book store located in Portugal, founded in 1732 is the oldest bookstore in the world.

The largest Atlas in the world is on display in the British Library. It measures 5'10" x 3'5" and takes several people to lift it. The Klencke Atlas was made in 1660 by a Dutch mapmaker for the King of England, Charles II.

Which books do you intend to read in 2013??