Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food Chemicals, Hyperactivity & Illness

A continuing study released findings that children’s behavior problems may be linked to or exacerbated by food dyes and other unnecessary ingredients in their food.

Any mother worth her stuff knows what foods work well and what foods send her children into crying fits, climbing mania or complete melt-down. It’s easy to blame sugar and for some kids that is the cause. But a recent release of a continuing study lists other food additives as the primary culprits.

Colours – Yellow 5 has been directly linked to hyperactivity in children with food sensitivities.

Other colour dyes approved by the FDA were linked to ailments within laboratory studies using lab mammals: Blue 2 led to brain cancer; Green 3 led to bladder and testes tumors; Red 3 led to thyroid tumors.

MSG can cause headaches, wheezing, and nausea among other symptoms. Research in the 1960s showed MSG destroyed nerve brain cells.

Olestra or Olean found in some Fat Free products is a synthetic fat that is not absorbed in the digestive system. In regular language, it causes diarrhea abdominal cramps and flatulence. If you have suffered these symptoms after eating a product with Olean you can file a report on the Center for Science in the Public Interest website:

Many of the ingredients on the sides of packages are completely unpronounceable. I usually wonder, what does that do to the food? Then I’m distracted by my child’s urgent need for something. Besides, where would I get the information about all the words I can’t pronounce and still ingest? The quick list is available in a listing called Chemical Cuisine.

For more information about the foods we eat everyday visit the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit which is celebrating 40 years of public service.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review: Beyond the Myth: How to Live the Life You Desire

Title: Beyond the Myth: How to Live the Life You Desire
Author: Maria Holmes
ISBN 978-0-9830946-0-9
Hard Cover, 6.5 x 6.5, 60 Pages
Price $24.95

With a firm belief in creating the life you wish to live, Maria Holmes blends wisdom throughout the millennia with beautiful images to create a soothing and inspiring book of inspiration. If the Law of Attraction has come to your attention, this book is a must have for your coffee table.

Pick a page at random or read from front to back either way the reader will come away with some insight and encouragement t move in the direction of the desired life.

The Principles of Gratitude, Desire, Faith and Visualization leads to attracting the deepest desire into your life. Chapters speak to the path to create a wondrous life.

Chapter 1: Possibility, the principle is that the universe is made of energy. Awareness f this energy brings the interconnectedness of all life to the fore.

Chapter 2: Create, by understanding the Law of Attraction and put it to use in life.

Chapter 3: Attract the life you wish into your life by focusing all your energy on that Desire.

Chapter 4: Choice to move forward into a plan that is doable, everyday.

Chapter 5: Manifest a Belief in life by Faith in an idea that will grow.

Chapter 6: Results living in harmony creates a positive environment with powerful connections.

I particularly like the imagery and quotes from Buddha, Helen Keller, Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie and William James among others. Maria Holmes adds her personal insight throughout the book.

Living every moment with gratitude is the message Maria Holmes gives to readers in her parting comments, “I thank the Universe every day for my blessings."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Review: Blood Soup by Kelly A Harmon

Title: Blood Soup
Author: Kelly A Harmon
Publisher: An Eternal Press Publication
ISBN: 978-1-926704-61-6
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-926704-53-1

Blood Soup is a page turning novelette that will keep you wanting more. The well-crafted suspense had me reading until I finished. I could not put it down. At the end, I just wanted more!

An antiquated kingdom tale tells the story of mixing of royal blood lines from differing kingdoms with differing traditions. Of course, there is a problem when the worlds collide.

The calculating king focuses on business as the ultimate goal. Business-minded yet ethical within his realm of reality, he weds a bride who believes in the seen and the unseen worlds. Their heir, boy or girl will determine the future of the kingdom. She knows the heir will be a girl. She tells the kingdom she carries a girl. And yet as the queen dies, it's not a girl who survives.

So many are sacrificed to uphold the king's beliefs and traditions. He ends up facing the kingdom and heir he created. Much to his chagrin, his wife’s foretelling seems to be coming true despite his efforts.

The kingdom in peril, treaties in jeopardy, traditional beliefs challenged, all is at risk when the heir discovers his true origins. Born of Blood, Fed on Blood, what is the new king to do with the knowledge of who and what he is...

I enjoyed Blood Soup though I wouldn’t want to taste it. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not-Really St. Patrick's Day

Celebrating the Ashen tree dates to pre-Christian times, pre-St. Patrick. March 17th runs deep in the genetic memory of the Irish people. The truth of the celebration is sprinkled throughout the Catholic Church's British version of the holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the day snakes were banished from Ireland. But the lore pre-dates the Catholic priest by centuries with riddance of evil-faeries and their slithering compatriots by the protection of the Ashen tree.

Attributed to ash wood are many magical properties. Amongst those properties is the protection from snake bite, both of actual and spiritual reptiles, healing properties, for restful protection by ocean and wood spirits, and warrior protection, when the wood is used as a talisman or portion of spear, shield, or handle.

The third moon of the year, from Feb 18 - March 17, ends with a celebration of thanksgiving and rivalry that exceeds all others. The celebration feeds the Irish soul in ancient and secret ways.

The day isn’t about the British-born Catholic priest, St. Patrick, but we include him in his quest like all non-Irish folk who wish to be among the blessed people.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Medusa was the most beautiful of the Gorgons, the daughters of Phorkys and Keto. Her parents were the children of Earth called Gaia and Ocean called Okeanos.

Medua's beauty was her undoing. She was so beautiful that Poseidon would not take “no” for an answer. He found Medusa in Athena’s Temple and had her. Athena grew so outraged she vented her anger on Medusa. Athena changed Medusa into a snake-haired monster.

Athena wasn’t finished with Medusa. The goddess provided Perseus with the shield he used to outwit Medusa, ultimately beheading her.

When Medusa's head rolled, it became known she was pregnant by Poseidon. The children of the union were Pegasus and Chrysaor.

The Getty Villa displays a rendering of Medusa created in Rome 115 – 150 CE using tile to provide the illusion of spiraling circles, a representation of the shield designs from the period.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

15 word poem

laughing, crying,
eating, sleeping,
burping, watching,
listening, being,
sighing, playing,
wondering, waiting,
giggling, sensing: