Saturday, April 21, 2012

S = Study the Craft

Professionals of every kind know continuing education helps them stay on top of trends and increase their skill set. Writers are no different. Workshops, groups and conferences are helpful.


Attending workshops keep skills up to par, brings new perspective to projects and connects writers with other writers. Depending upon skill level, there are workshops available that focus on point of view, author marketing, plot lines, great climaxes, how-to write query letters among other topics.


Writing groups or critique groups provide accountability with deadlines and feedback on all types of projects. Some groups are genre specific, others are goal-oriented.


Conferences gather writers, readers and others from the publishing industry together. Conference concepts range from book fairs to writing intensive. Writing intensives include time allotments for workshops, seminars and social times. By the end of most conferences participants and attendees take an infusion of updates about the industry and energy for new projects.

Every workshop, group or conference may not fit your purposes but it is essential to continue to gather information, study the craft of writing to improve our abilities. After all, telling a good story in the best possible way is what it’s all about, isn’t it?


Joanne said...

I also recommend reading classic writing manuals and rereading them - Stephen King's On Writing comes to mind. Strunk & White's Elements of Style should be read once a year. I also tend to read a bit of everything - newspapers, magazines - all fodder for craft and style. (plus a lot of what not to do). Enjoy your weekend!

Ro @ Eat Live Move said...

I love learning and could spend thousands of dollars attending workshops and conferences all around the world. I enjoy the community, the experience and the creative ideas that come from attending a conference. Great post!

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Michelle Pickett said...

I read a lot of craft books, too. I read a lot of books of all genres. I'm usually reading a book for pleasure and a craft book at any given time.

Great post,
Michelle :)
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Lindi said...

Totally agree. I was at a workshop on Saturday--learning and learning. We can never stop learning.

Rebecca Alexander said...

I also recommend continuing to read in your own genre! Great post. I'm doing the A-Z on my other blog, great fun. (