Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C = Conceive A to Z Challenge

Conceiving new ideas and creating new stories is intriguing for non-writers. Eventually every writer will be asked: Where do you get your ideas?

The short answer is from your mind or imagination. The long answer is that working writers develop a process to produce stories, characters, locations, scenes and situations. Once a writer understands their process to access creative development, implementation of the process may produce work on demand.

Word play, thought play and sporadic ideas can be used regularly through self training to create a regiment or routine to write great stories in a timely fashion. Using a source to produce new ideas can bring a writer from hobbyist to professional in a short period of time.

Inspiration: Write Every Day was designed specifically for writers who were ready to take the next step to moving to a professional level which includes being able to produce quality work regularly.

A to Z Challenge is a great introduction to working on deadline daily. Workshops and other internet sources provide excellent ways to learn what sparks marvelous ideas in each writer's mind.


Sharon said...

I am so non-professional in my writing; however, I love doing it and hoping that as I continue to write that my thoughts make sense to others. That is my challenge. I love a reason to write daily; thanks for your tips.

Aurora Celeste said...

As an artist I really get inspiration from daily life. It's always good encouragement to get out of the studio and live a little or you'll never get inspired to stay there!

Jess said...

I think I just had an 'aha' moment: You said 'writers develop a process to produce ...' and 'Once a writer understands their process to access...'

I struggle way too much when it comes to creating fiction. I don't think I have a process. I'm going to ponder this. :)

And thanks for visiting my blog!

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I am not a professional writer at all, but I do enjoy blogging for fun. When the days at home with 4 kids get crazy, it is almost therapeutic to just write and laugh about it!

Nikki said...

I agree with you, I think the more you write and the more chances you get to write, the better you will become. I'm just blogging for fun and am not professional at all, but I do find it inspiring to blog :)

Nikki – inspire nordic

Joshua said...

Honestly? Most of my ideas come from my dreams. They tend to be vivid and detailed, which is kind of nice. You know, when I sleep long and hard enough to have them.

Kate O'Mara said...

Oh My! Thank you for visiting and commenting :) I'm visiting back :)

Robyn Campbell said...

How many times have I been asked that question? I always tell them I saw the idea in my minds eye.

Great tips! Thanks for reminding me that I have come from hobbyist to professional. Yippee!!!!!!!