Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q = Quilt Your Story

Writing, like quilting, requires similar structure to reach completion: Design, Pieces, Blocks, Layers, and Binding.


In the beginning sketch / outline the project


Writers cut the pieces of characters from the fabric of their lives. The total experience, define and cut the aspects to build characters, chapters, plot lines fitting for the project.


The blocks of the story bring all the aspects of development together fitting and sewing the pieces together in a plot lines & story thread.


Three layers creates a viable project: the base serves as the foundation with all the solid craft such as spelling, grammar & form, the insulation in the middle gives the depth of feeling, and the top provides with all the colors, designs and details the story needs to be gripping.


With talent and practice the storyteller brings all the elements together binding them into a unique story we hope is endearing, entertaining and enlightening.


Just like a quilter, writers receive confirmation they’ve competed a worthy project when they have a warm fuzzy feeling.


Joanne said...

you quilted a really nice blog post. Loved the analogy.

Cecilia Robert said...

Hi Kate,
What a comparison between quilting and writing. I love it! :) and it is so true. Thanks for stopping by my P post yesterday. :)

It's great to meet you.

Cynthia Heart Books said...

Just checking in from the Blogging A to Z challenge--I like your analogy between quilting and writing. There was this movie I watched years ago about a group of older women sewing a quilt and reflecting on stories of their youth. Your post made me think of that.

Kate OMara said...

Thanks Joanne :)

Hi Cecilia, I'm on my way ~

Cynthia, I'm so glad. American Quilt? Hadn't thought of it til now. :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Great analogy, Kate. Novel word that meshes so well with writing and the A-Z Challenge, too, Roland

Fareeda Alhady said...

I am a tapestry person, but yes it is crafted with love step by step.