Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z= Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

A writer in her own right, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was also the wife of F Scott Fitzgerald. Born in Alabama in 1900, she wrote her first successful novel in 1920, ‘This Side of Paradise.’

Zelda and her friend Tallulah Bankhead were the talk of Montgomery during their high school years. She danced the Charleston and made no pretense about liking boys. As a teen she aspired to be a ballerina. At 27, she become obsessed with the ballet and practiced up to eight hours a day.

Sadly, from 1930 until her death she visited health farm and sanatoriums where she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. During a stay at the Phipps Clinic she wrote an entire novel in six weeks. She sent ‘Save Me the Waltz’ to Fitzgerald’s publisher. Fitzgerald was upset that the book paralleled their lives, although his writing did the same. In fact, he copied portions of Zelda’s diaries directly into his work.


Francene Stanley said...

What a sad end for Zelda, although she must have been fully occupied until she died and wouldn't have known what was going on. My aunt's name is Zelda. And Tallulah is the name of my latest heroine. ;-)
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Kim Van Sickler said...

Excellent choice for Z. She was a character!!!!!

Joanne said...

Great A-Z for April. You gave quite a variety. We have to remember Zelda for her zest.

Sharon Himsl said...

Read a book titled Zelda in the 70s, and loved learning about this women. Congrats on finishing the challenge!!

Munir said...

So sad. Will people with emotional issues or even mental problems ever get the right kind of attention? Will the stigma ever go away.

Anonymous said...

That's actually kind of a sad story, but you did end with a bang. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :3

Mary said...

Interesting! I may have to pick up that book and see how it is!

Empty Nest Insider said...

This was an excellent choice for Z! It is a shame that her life ended so tragically.