Thursday, April 4, 2013

D = Davy Crockett

Tennessee Congressman, Davy Crockett was a man of action. Ultimately giving his life for his beliefs, Crockett is among the best examples of leadership to have served in the US House of Representatives.

The Crockett family is first recorded in France. Davy’s ancestors immigrated to Ireland, then a generation or so later immigrated to New York in 1708. The family settled in Tennessee where David was born fifth of nine children to John Crockett & Rebecca Hawkins.

Young Davy ran away from home learning survival and hunting skills from mountain men he met during his travels. He returned to his family only to join the Tennessee Militia during the Creek War.

His political career began as a member of a grievance committee in 1821. He ran for a seat in the House of Representatives in 1824 which he lost. Crockett was determined to represent the people of Tennessee in Washington, so he ran in 1827 and won.

Disillusioned with political life he came to support the Texas Revolution. In 1836, Crockett and others signed an oath to the provisional Texas government. On March 6, 1836, he died defending the Alamo.


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Reading bios is a wonderful snack for the mind. Thanks.

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I'm going to get quite an education during April! Thanks for this Kate.

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Now a politician like -this-, I could listen to.