Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U = Ulysses S Grant

Hiram Ulysses Simpson Grant was born in Ohio. He was nominated for West Point at 17 years of age.  He served in the military for the largest portion of his young adult life. Attempts at business were met with failure.

Grant’s life was difficult and followed the economic turns of the time. He worked hard but few things were successful. With the beginning of the Civil War, he returned to a full time military occupation.

History records that Grant was a successful General and continued with his success into two successful terms as President. As President, he passionately set about changing the culture of the South and was instrumental in limiting association such as the Ku Klux Klan which sought a return to slave-state.

For more about the president memorialized on the fifty dollar bill, go to:


Francene Stanley said...

U. Grant is a well known figure world wide. He looks so sombre, but men often did in those times.
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Tony Laplume said...

He was also really good on a horse, and got his name from what has since become an obscure variation on The Odyssey.

Munir said...

Thanks for sharing this info. I don't know too much about US history.

Teresa Cypher said...

Another interesting post. I've been to the U.S. Grant house in Galena, IL. It was a nice visit with an interesting bit of history. :-)

Kristen Dyrr said...

This is a great post! It's nice to refresh my memory about people from history whom I wouldn't normally think about.

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