Friday, April 5, 2013

E - Eleanor of Aquitaine

The first child and daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine, Eleanor was schooled in reading, writing, music and literature. She spoke French and Latin. She was also an accomplished hawker, hunter and horse-back rider. She and her sister were the legitimate heirs to the Duke’s lands.

A woman with lands was a desirable bride in the 12th century. Her first marriage was arranged to her cousin King Louis VII of France. Producing only a daughter for the King of France, Eleanor was granted an annulment, after which she wed Henry II of England with whom she had five sons and three daughters.

In her 82 years, Eleanor became the Queen of France, participated in the Second Crusade, became the Queen of England, as Dowager of England she became Regent during her son, King Richard’s absence during the Third Crusade.

Her exciting life forever influenced the history of Europe and the World. 

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Joanne said...

I believe Katharine Hepburn played her in a movie. With flourish

Kate OMara said...

Did she really? I'm going to imdb to look it up!

Dawn Embers said...

Very interesting woman indeed. I didn't recognize the name at first and enjoyed reading this post.