Friday, April 15, 2016

M = Metacognition

When you think about your own thinking so much that you can figure out how it is that you are thinking, that is Metacognition. 

Metacognition is something that happens to people when they become self-aware to the point that they recognize that they indeed don't know it all and have enough time to self-reflect to find other idiosyncrasies, short comings or personality points that might need some improvement. 

The thought is that through thought how we think can be analysed, corrected, proper patterns adopted which will produce better results toward a stated goal. 

For me, spacing out for a while then having a creative surge of ideas for a story or project is fine with me. I could break it down if I thought about it, but I'm also okay with the mystery of wonderful inspiring ideas from the Muses. 


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Tony Laplume said...

What is it when you think way, way too much?