Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Task At Hand

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give a talk about this way of life I choose to live. It's a week from tomorrow so I should give it some thought.

In preparation, I read a book by one of my mentor's mentor times three, meaning I'm fifth in the chain. Actually, I re-read it. Re-reading material packed full of information is worth the time.

Funny thing happens when re-reading books that  have profoundly impacted situations, life in indescribable ways, when it's re-read years later, it means the same yet more.

So what I discovered was that Chuck was 29 years on the journey when he gave the talks that became the book. He stuck close with the familiar text for the newbie but threw in some gems for those further on the path. But most of what I discovered was that 29 years on the path is a long time.

On the re-read, I recalled the first reading. I remember thinking, that length of commitment was longer than I'd been alive. I remember thinking, surely he had forgotten what it was like to be new. Then I laughed at my young self because this older self sees it from a different perspective.

My path, my life is the direct result of following the path. The result is I'm relatively happy on a daily basis with what life gives me. I own my choices. And somewhere along the way, I've become truly free.

Next week, I'll share with a group about this beautiful way of life and hope someday that they'll be sharing the same message with others 29 years from now.

The year my journey began,1984, was his last, he died before the end of that year. I met him briefly. I'm glad I did. A New Pair of Glasses by Chuck Chamberlain

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