Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Right to Complain

Somewhere corporations have lost the ability or desire to provide customer service. It's gotten so ridiculous that the standard of non-service would have been the death knell for stores 50 years ago.

What's different now? It's you. It's me. It's the customer. We put up with it. So they're horrible.

Just don't take it anymore. Share your experience with poor customer service with others on Yelp www.yelp.com or Site Jabber www.sitejabber.com This is a perfect way to process through your tough day and help others avoid doing business with bad businesses.

Sadly, there have been several companies that have been so bad with their service that they border on fraud or blackmail in their business tactics. In fact, one company's service center people stole my credit card number & tried to use it in their area... It was easy to identify because I'm not in Florida...duh... and the company tried so say 1) it was my fault 2) if I extended the service contract with them, they would complete the contract I had already paid for and 3) it was my fault. Oh yes, they said it twice.

This season hold your retailer, in store or online to a standard:

1) If it's broken or the wrong item, return it.
2) If they don't provide the service you expected, cancel the service & get your money back.
3) If their rude, complain to a superior.
4) If they don't make up for the shabby treatment, write a review at yelp and find another provider who will treat you like you're the one paying them.
5) Keep all your receipts.
6) When you call customer service, take names. Why?
7) If all else fails, make a complaint to your credit card company, provide documentation of the dispute and charge it back.

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