Sunday, May 30, 2010


In a crazy world of no accountability, no consequences, one could imagine that executives would be shifting responsibility, blaming the government, blaming the silent victims & coastal communities, seeking the cheapest way to stop the flow instead of the fastest and reporting profits in the middle of it all… but that would mean… oh, wait…

Just a thought:

Naughty children need to demonstrate that their lack of responsibility has been replaced by way of amends to behave with a sense of contrition and humility.

Clean-up considerations:

1) Start with a hay barrier for coastal areas: the technology is available, hay is available and experts are available who can direct the retrieval process and recycled the oil soaked hay into blacktop type of products.
2) Retrieve as much oil from the water as possible with a vacuum system, refine it, recycle it. Do not let it float & destroy any more than it already has. Do not hide it under the water.
3) Development of workable solutions should have begun already but… let’s begin immediately. One would think that a sort of rubber tampon or upside-down umbrella or balloon would fill the inside the oil shaft to temporarily stop the flow until the relief well could be drilled tout de suite.
4) Double-double overtime on the relief well.
5) Surely there are engineers and scientists with even more solutions. Pay them well to fix this fast.

Turn a bad situation around and develop solutions that can be made part of regular protocol because it's the long-term profitable thing to do.


Sheila Siler said...

Good thoughts all - maybe you should email them to the media so they could get the word to those in charge!

Kate said...

Hi Sheila
Thanks for the encouragement, I may just do that... ;)

Anonymous said...

Make them suck back every ounce of oil to pay the fine for spilling it in the first place. Treat them like murderers, because they destroyed so many peoples livelihoods and futures.

Katherine Harms said...

There is supposedly a website where you could post your suggestions. They all sound good to me. I'm not an engineer, of course, and who knows how a mile of water overhead changes things? Still, I think your ideas ought to be collected along with the others.
My greatest disappointment with this whole scene is our president. I expect a president to lead; all this one does is bluster and threaten. He should be facilitating the gathering of great minds from around the world to apply themselves to a) stopping the leak, and b) protecting the coastlines. Instead, he impedes progress by refusing help that is offered (the Dutch for example) and obstructs meaningful communication by assuring everyone that his only objective is to figure out who to punish (whose *** to kick). We need leadership here!