Thursday, May 13, 2010

Galileo Galilei

The brave dream dreams then move forward to make those dreams come true. In life we are moved to make decisions: are we to play it safe, do little or nothing of significance or are we brave enough to risk being different?

One person who was different was Galileo who made logical conclusions based on what he new to be true. He extended thought out to theorize about the workings of the universe and presented it in publication much to the chagrin of the authorities.

This brave man dared to be different. He dared to speak the truth as he had come to understand it. What rewards did he reap for this?

Galileo was tried by the Inquisition. He was believed to be a heretic. Continuous pressure and threats of torture lead to his recant of his theory, only to regain his courage and publish again, outside the jurisdiction of the Inquisition.

He was the beginning of what we call: physics. In addition to his heliocentric theories, he explained the basic principle of relativity. His claim to fame in mathematics is Galileo’s paradox. His work in astronomy revolutionized how we think about planets, moons and the universe as a whole.

The Catholic Church has expressed regret for their treatment of one of the greatest scientific minds.

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