Friday, March 20, 2015

Description Change

You've always done these tasks. It's part of your job.

I haven't always done these tasks. It's not part of my job description. You know I'm always happy to help.

Here, look at your job description. (hands paper)

Well, this has my job title but the description has been changed.

What do you mean?

The job description is different. I have a copy of my job description from when I was hired.

What are you talking about?

When I received the offer letter, there was a job description with it. I believe there is a copy in my file.

(Move to the file room)

See the description is in my file and it's different from this. Who modified the description?

There was no modification.

But it's different.

Do you want the job reviewed?

The executive director asked me to wait for the return of the other director. I'm happy to wait until she returns.

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