Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ye Olde Tree Tradition

The tradition of an evergreen entering the house for the blessings and celebration of the season predates the common era. The scent of the pine tree fills the senses with an uplifting feeling that brings smiles and anticipation of the holiday times.

While my family of origin had holiday traditions, when I started my own family I took the time to analyze the good and the not-so-good of holiday traditions. I kept what I liked, what worked & brought happy thoughts to mind. Then I built new traditions with my spouse and children as they've grown.

Times have been tough so this year is the first in several that we've had a tree in our house. It was so delightful to bring this lovely little tree into the house and devise a way to include the best of the best memories and wishes for the coming year.

We support the tree farmer, the tree yard and young delivery man wishing only that we could have offered them more than what they asked, for the joy their work has given us already far exceeds the price & tips we gave. After the holiday, we will donate the tree to be recycled into mulch for common areas.

What traditions have you incorporated into your holiday celebrations?


Mindy Koch said...

My kids get to open 1 present on Christmas Eve - and they are always new jammies. They love it. My kids stay in the same room on Christmas Eve have have a slumber party. We have a blast!

Kate OMara said...

A slumber party! What a unique and fun tradition! You've got lucky kids.

Joanne said...

I love real trees, but after my husband and I sneezed through far too many Christmases, we gave up and got a fake. But it does look pretty real and even sheds some needles. As far as tradition - my husband gets me a new ornament each year - very fun to see what he picks.

Andrew Szabo said...

We always put up the Christmas decor after thanksgiving. Which my daughter and her boyfriend go to help with this year, so for tradition I bought them a new ornament to put up. We open our presents Christmas day/eve around 12 am after we get out of church. But we switched to a fake tree after getting tired of cleaning up all the pine leaves over and over from the cats knocking them off, but I love the real deal so much more!

Tereza said...

I love Christmas, but I can't recall of a specific tradition I have on my own. Maybe I should create one this year!

Kate OMara said...

Joanne, I love that your fake tree sheds needles! Too funny!

Andrew, We add ornaments every year too. My thought is until they move out, then they can take their ornaments to put on their own tree.

Tereza, I hope you do start your own tradition! :)