Friday, October 26, 2012

October Short Horror

It’s a small but cozy apartment. The overstuffed furniture fills the room. Center to the great room is a small table set for two.

White linen table cloth with two formal place settings, frame the centerpiece of roses and baby’s breath. This is the setting of a romance and proposals.

His impeccable suit complete with a white rose in the lapel confirms the special evening. Her formal velvet gown complete with sparkling diamond earrings and necklace accent the outfit with perfection ensures she knew this moment would be special.

As they had agreed, on the count of three… and as the blood drips onto the floor, they reach and touch each other’s hands one last time. 


Joanne said...

suitably creepy as we approach Halloween. very good

Unknown said...

subtle but effective horror: achieved perfectly!

Kate OMara said...

Thank you Joanne & Spidophile! I was hoping you'd like it! :)

loverofwords said...

The contrast, white and red. . .perfect!

Kate OMara said...

Thanks for your observation! I hadn't even thought of the contrast. Love it when things work out like that!