Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Place to Write

How important is the place you write? Is the place in your head? Is it an office? Is it a hotel room?

Discovering the how the process of writing happens for different writers can leave a new writer confused. Where does this thing called writing happen?

For Ernest Hemingway: he wrote much in hotel room, a fresh place with the solitude of anonymity.

For AA Milne: he wrote his beloved tales in his office.

For Oscar Wilde: his plays were developed in the parlor of various homes. His most productive times were when he went to the country.

For Virginia Woolf: of course, she required a room of her own.

For JK Rowling: Harry Potter came directly from the local coffee shop and later episodes from her mansion.

In the end, writers need to write where they are comfortable and have the ability to concentrate, imagine, formulate, and create. Fascinated with the process of writing, I wonder: where do you write? 

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Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

I have a loft. Not as charming as it sounds, but it is my own cubby. I almost always write there. I'm always amazed when I read that so-and-so wrote/writes in long hand. Can't imagine that. I'd be lost without a keyboard!