Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What type of writer are you?

Writers, or storytellers, develop stories to fit the need of the audience or the need of their soul. The two types of writers come to the process of writing in different ways. Over the course of time, these writers use skills from both bags of tricks to keep their stories fresh and flowing.

Passionate writers write in fits and spurts. In general their work may or may not be in a genre but they all tell us that the story tells itself, or they listen to the muse.

Business writers write daily. They write what they estimate will sell to the audience.  Business writers are often monetarily successful but don’t create beloved stories .
Blending the two types of writing creates the money to survive and the joy to continue to write inspiring stories and pieces.

So where do stories come from?

The passionate writer wakes with a story and sits down to write usually before they even eat breakfast. The business writer sits with a plan and outline incorporating sales trends into the character choices.  Both writers are inspired and seek to fill the niche the reader seeks to find.

Inspiration: Write Every Day is a helpful daily read that is meant to be a record of thoughts and story ideas which creates a personal log for those times when the ideas aren’t flowing but the deadline still looms. 


Tony Laplume said...

I think I'm a passionate kind of writer, but I don't get up in the morning to write (most of the time). I know what I want to write, but it doesn't always happen right away. I ending up writing when it feels right.

Dihiwi said...
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Dihiwi said...

I enjoyed your blog post. I have a bit of both the business and creative writer in me. I'm creative when I can be and have time and more of business writer when I have an absolute deadline and/or goal that needs to be met.