Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday

Kinderfeste or Kid’s Party celebrated birthdays of children, not just nobility, beginning in the 19th Century. The tradition spread throughout the world and was particularly embraced with the 1893 musical composition, “Happy Birthday to You.”

Societal acknowledgement that every child is special lead to the thoughts that children and childhood should be preserved as a time for education and play rather than reduced cost labor or child labor of the earlier eras. The progressive thoughts were championed at the turn of the twentieth century with protesters marching with signs “Abolish Child Slavery” in New York City parades.

In more affluent counties, children grown into adults continue to celebrate the yearly anniversary of their birth. This move to annual celebrations supports the retail culture in the desirability, if not requirement to either celebrate with co-workers & friends at a local eatery/bar or host a party complete with dinner, dessert and gifts.

While I celebrate a special birthday today, not mine. Our celebration is subdued in remembrance of the young military people (just out of their kinder years) away from home today.

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