Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Water Wishes

Guardian water spirits bless each place they reside. People instinctually know that giving gifts to the water brings good back to them. Following that simple instinct is the reason for many places of open water, ponds and wishing wells are filled with coins and other gifts to the sprites, nymphs or deities.

Since ancient times, legends agree the blessings of the water spirits are truly worth making the wish and tossing the coin.

Celtic and Germanic people of Ancient Western Europe believed water was a gift from the gods, wells and waterways were sacred. Norse legend tells that Odin rode to Mimir’s Well to seek wisdom.

More recently, Saint Catherine is associated with wishing wells and wishing for a husband. Drop one coin with each line of the wish…

A husband Saint Catherine
A handsome one Saint Catherine
A rich one Saint Catherine
And soon Saint Catherine
Amen ;)

Whatever you wish for… wish well!

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