Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book Review: Life and Spirit in the Quantum Field

Title: Life and Spirit in the Quantum Field: spirit is real, feelings rule and other adventures in quantum life
Author: Doug Bennett
Publisher: Take Charge Books Brevard, North Carolina
ISBN: 978-0-9815818-1-1
357Pages, Soft Cover
Price: $19.99
Kindle: $8.99

Life and spirit in the Quantum field begins with basic Newtonian philosophy the foundation of our current science structure then builds into Quantum mechanics. From quantum mechanic explanation and the workings of the quantum field Doug Bennett launches into scientific explanation of the unseen world usually the territory of the parapsychologists or religious clerics.

The building blocks of science concepts provide the equations to support the hologram which was an entirely new concept less than a century ago. Holograms are everywhere. How a hologram is and isn’t in time and space lends the mechanism to leap to the quantum field understanding.

The promise of a scientific revolution presents new possibilities for the remedy to the centuries old philosophic schism between the seen and unseen world. Measurable experiments show that light and life are intertwined. The ultra violet rays help the seed sprout. Without light the seed remains inert. Life as a quantum process explains how energy moves into the unseen world to spout the seed in the seen world.

In very scientific language, the practices of faith healing or intuitive experience are explained in quantum energy terminology which potentially can move the open-minded skeptic from their comfort zone into the provable yet scientifically denied realities.

Inner work or psychotherapy coupled with spiritual practice can heal the subconscious to align the conscious analytical mind with the emotional intuitive self.

Putting together the two parts of self in a logical process the science minded can be brought to understanding other spiritual concepts such as the soul, ghosts, heaven, hell and the after life.

Bringing the subject full circle through the final link to religion and the spiritual practices of the ages, the mysteries of unseen world can be explained through scientific methodology. Eastern thought accepts the positive and negative of energy. We have the ability to direct thought to particular ends. Documentation of experiments explain what yogi Masters have known for millennia.

The Life and Spirit in the Quantum Field brings science and philosophy into harmony with both disciplines explaining life from different perception perspectives. The exciting part is that there is no longer the taboo that each field must stay on one side opposed to the other discipline. The promise is the wholeness of understanding life, seen and unseen.

Doug Bennett does an excellent job explaining otherwise difficult concepts for the layperson to understand. Clearly, the scientific audience will be able to move to a whole perspective by following the argument from cover to cover. People familiar with healing energy work will learn about the laboratory language that describes the truth in their daily work.

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