Sunday, April 24, 2011

American Quilts

Some of the oldest quilted items in museums today are in Egypt and Sicily, these items were created in their entirety. What makes American quilts unique is that women created them out of bits and pieces utilizing scraps which later developed into the American Quilt we know today.

Each quilt begins with a variety of color complimentary fabrics which allows the quilter to imagine patterns and designs to create a unique item. Handmade, each quilt has variations which can be delightfully individual and hopefully pleasing to the eye.

A remnant for the aesthetics movement, quilts are both useful and beautiful. Depending upon the level of detail in the design and the skill of the quilter, quilts can be created in as little as a few hours.

Creating sample miniature designs hearkens back to an era when large Manors were first made in miniature for architectural approval. If approved by the Master then the miniature house was finished and given to the children as a house warming gift.

Small samples of larger items were also created as sales aids throughout the frontier era. A smaller version of large equipment or furniture designs traveled with the sales men by train across the country. Salesmen sent orders back East for the full-size version.

Today, as I completed one section of a full size quilt, I noticed the scraps were large enough to create a miniature just right for a toy-size comfort quilt.

Resources for Dollhouses and Miniatures:


Ms. Yingling said...

Love the fabric choices. Can't wait to get back to quilting this summer. Also enjoyed your post on rebellion-- I thought we had done a good job in our house, but my oldest still finds out things to get in a tizzy about (mine are 17, 15 and 13, so I'm right behind you!).

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