Thursday, November 4, 2010

Different Shapes

Daily reminders that we share our space with a plethora of creatures encourage the symbiotic nature of life on planet Earth.

Momma Earth provides the habitat for species to thrive or decline based on a variety of influences both naturally occurring and action consequence. Habitats for Earth-dwellers are ever overlapping producing an array of sub-species developed by natural selection and environmental impact.

I eat my lunch at a beautiful location near signage which reminds me: I Am Not Alone.

My virtually unseen companions are the local inhabitants. I recognize my intrusion into their territory and I act accordingly… respectful.

Often snakes are under appreciated. They serve a great purpose in keeping the rodent and small animal populations in check. We need these creatures to help maintain a proper balance.

Respect for the rattlesnake is a healthy position to maintain. They are venomous snakes whose striking distance often surprises their prey. In general, they strike out from a coil to a distance of two-thirds their length. Bites provide the mechanism for venom delivery.

Rattlesnake venom is most often an hemotoxic venom which causes blood clotting and destruction of tissue. Rarer but more deadly are the rattlesnakes that have neurotoxic venom which shuts down the nervous system. Medical attention is required for venomous bites. Treatment with anti-venom reduces death down to 4% of those bitten.

Rattlesnakes rattle when they’re disturbed; angry or fearful, but they need not rattle before they strike. Non-rattling rattlesnakes include the young or pre-button size rattlesnakes and water-logged rattles on rattle snakes. Water-logged rattles occur after a heavy rain. Still the rattle is a warning to back away which is better heeded than not.

When entering a rattlesnake habitat it behooves humans to wear protective clothing: long pants and high boots. Proper boots can stave off what could be a devastating conflict with one of Earth’s necessary creatures.

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