Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writers Write

Writers gathering together at a coffee house may be a theme for the genus. Is it the adrenaline anxiety or the caffeine that pumps the blood to push the writer through any shy self consciousness? Does it matter?

Writers write and a writer’s group is a forum for improving talent or experience, expanding genres or categories. Each subsection in a library offers degrees of specialized expertise in knowledge, research, imagination, grammar, communication and talent, cross writing takes time and effort but may be incredibly rewarding.

Many famous dead writers wrote in a variety of ways: Mark Twain was a journalist and master story teller. Oscar Wilde wrote plays, poetry, stories and essays. Charlotte Bronte wrote novels and poetry.

Personal caffeine addiction/enjoyment aside, the coffee house is an artist's refuge and writer’s requirement.

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Nicole said...

I've actually never done that though I would love to :) I'm just too chicken ;p