Friday, August 20, 2010

A New Thought

Shocking as it seems, not everyone watches TV. With the increase in mind-numbing commercials coupled with the dumbing-down of prime-time content, and the drool invoking repetition of nonsensical, yet not humorous, slogan spewing heads, it’s truly amazing that carriers receive payment for the hook-up. Shouldn't they be paying you?

Salesman: I’d like to offer you a package discount on services. I see you don’t have our TV service.

Human: Yes.

Salesman: Who is your current provider?

Human: No one.

Salesman: Who?

Human: We don't have a provider. We don’t watch TV.

Salesman: Don’t watch TV?

Human: No.

Salesman: I can offer you 220 stations with all your favorite shows and additional channels for just an additional $30 per month to your current services.

Human: No thank you. We wouldn’t use the service.

Salesman: May I ask why not?

Human: Because we don’t watch TV.

Salesman: Don’t watch TV?

Human: No.

Salesman: At all?

Human: No, not at all.

Salesman: (exasperated) Really?

Human: (giggle) Yes, really. But thank you for the offer. If I change my mind I’ll give you a call. Thank you for calling.

Salesman: Okay… thank you.

Often, a newly planted thought of life participation rather than observation is all a person needs to venture out into the world and do, rather than just watch.

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Nicole MacDonald said...

*grin* we don't watch it either! I visit my Nana on Wednesdays (we do pizza ;p) and it's actually enjoyable to see adverts - they're such a novelty! But no more than once a week thanks :)