Friday, August 7, 2009

Human Polygraph

Polygraph machine (or lie-detector) measures physical changes of temperature, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, during questioning or a psycho-physiological detection of deception examination.

On the 60s-70s TV show, Endora put a spell on Darrin to tell the truth, much to the advertising executive's dismay, he tells the client that his product is disgusting. But like all the other shows, Samantha helps smooth things over and Mother's Stew becomes Mother's Doggy Stew, sales sky-rocket, and Larry gives Darrin his job back.

Linda Carter's character, Wonder Woman had a golden lasso. If she put the rope around you, you had to tell the truth. This came in handy when time was running out and there was too much information needed to make the ending possible without the supernatural help of the lasso.

But the old-fashioned way works best... Mom.

Real mothers have a way of knowing when their children are lying. It becomes second nature. A real good mother doesn't need to wait for their child to open their mouth, they don't have to hear the ridiculous lie, they have a sixth sense about it.

Then there are the extraordinary mothers who expand this gift to include the rest of the world. These moms are statistically on par with Sherlock Holmes. Call it what you will, an angel whispering in the ear or a BS-detector, but when the liar-liar pants on fire starts talking, the Super-mom bells go off, it matters not if it's in person or on the phone...the game is afoot.

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