Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cliffhanger Concluded

Just as I was posting the update...

Serina called, she's the contact, the president of the board, and if memory serves, I think I've read her name as a reporter for a local newspaper. We'll be meeting in town at a coffee house later.

She said several times that this was about good faith. Is that what this is about? What exactly does that mean?

Perhaps, I wonder too much, but did LaDonna just get out of fulfilling her obligations by passing the delivery on to another friend/associate?

At this point, I believe I'll get the gift certificate in a few hours. But it's not a victory in any sense of the word. The overall tone wasn't appropriate to the positions of the people in this situation. The gift certificate needed to be hassled out of them and even then, begrudgingly given, by way of a messenger who is not responsible for the fiasco; it's just plain... sad.

I wonder, what was the real motivator? Why did this become such an important issue yesterday?

In the end, we've decided to donate the gift certificate to a cause that we know will use it. Perhaps, that will help with healing from the sadness of this most unnecessary situation. Then, we just move on.

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