Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cliffhanger continued

Here we are, wondering about customer service again... An update to the door prize situation. It's now after the " 8/1 deadline" and I received a call 8/18.

"This is LaDonna."

I know it hasn't been that long, but Let Go & Let God really does work! I was driving and thinking about my to-do-list, etc., so I was a bit fuzzing about the name for a second. This makes me chuckle, because I was really hot on this just a few weeks ago.

Anyway, three calls and six emails from LaDonna directly yesterday. With the results that I'm to meet with someone else, some day at some location in town and someone will call.

Oh, then an associate of LaDonna's sent an email that she was highly offended by my blog. Originally, I did not use her name but the company name, she said she was offended that Google didn't bring up her company as a mail service. I had reported what I found on Google, M**** company was a computer company. I stand corrected, M*** company is a mail service company and has been so for over 20 years. I've removed the name of her company, not because she asked nicely because she didn't (in fact her email was in RED) but because I don't know all the details of their relationship, and sometimes things aren't necessarily as they seem, perhaps she's been drawn into a situation rather than voluteering to cover for her friend.

Anyway, in an another email the same associate reported the post office was unable to locate any of the letters. (It reminded me about the return receipt request, what was that number again?)

In all fairness, the postal service isn't always the greatest. But as I mentioned in conversation with LaDonna, we've had our share postal problems in the past at a different address (really, who hasn't had missing mail from time to time) and I do sympathize.

However, it doesn't change what these people have been telling me. LaDonna says the mail company mailed the letters, that's why she uses them. The mail company said that they were tracking the letters as a favor to a regular client but they didn't mail the letters.

All the drama aside, current status: waiting...

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