Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poverty in America

Two former co-workers met on the street.

Ann: "OH Becky, we all just miss you so much since they laid off your department."

Becky: "Have they hired anyone back?"

Ann: "No, they just redistributed the work and sent the essential stuff overseas. Cost cutting, you know how it is."

Becky: "Yes, I know."

Ann: "They're doing so good now, I got a bonus."

Becky: "Good for you, Ann."

Ann: "Yes, we're going on that cruise I told you about."

Becky: "Do send me a postcard."

Ann: "I will. You know Becky, you lost so much weight. I just hate you for looking so good."

Becky: "You should try my new diet."

Ann: Is it one of those expensive drink diets?"

Becky: "No."

Ann: "Is it one of those with the special food?"

Becky: "No."

Ann: "It's not counting calories, is it? I hate that."

Becky: "No."

Ann: "Don't keep it a secret. Tell me!"

Becky: "Poverty."

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