Friday, May 29, 2009

Essence of Towels

Time gives a perspective to events that can change the way one may relate to others in a positive or a negative way, the choice is for each person.

Events that shape our lives sometimes seem small while they are happening. Over the course of years, events that are not dissimilar may be joined together in a series of moments that show how we are trapped in the sameness of our decisions or how we have matured, changed grown into a different, hopefully better person.

Case in point: How to fold a towel

At a young age I was shown how to fold a towel. I remember the lesson because it was delivered in a “you should know this already” tone. Honestly, I can’t tell you if it was the first how to fold a towel lesson or not, but it was the one I remember. It was exactly how towels should be folded and that is how I folded them.

Fast forward to marriage #1

He: Why are you folding the towel like that?
Me: Because that’s how towels are suppose to be folded?
He: You’re so stupid. Do I have to show you everything? Fold towels like this. If I find them any other way you’ll regret it.

Fast forward to marriage #2

He: Why are you folding the towel like that?
Me: Because, that’s how I was told to fold them, but I’ll fold them anyway you’d like.
He: I would like them folded like this when they’re in the cupboard and like this when they’re on the hanger. If you love me, you'll do as I say.
Me: I'll fold them how you like them.
He: That's a good girl.

Fast forward to marriage #3

Me: How would you like the towels folded?
He: Is it clean? **Laughing**

It's all about perspective.

This is story about my personal growth. It took a while to get there but finally and again I realize that the most important thing is the essence. The essence of the bathroom towel issue is “are they clean?” The most important thing isn’t about control, it’s about comfort and putting priorities in place. Folding the towel in a particular way doesn’t really matter. Fold it how you like. Fold it and be happy.

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