Thursday, January 22, 2009

Function of the Soothsayer

In the old days, there were people, men & women who were "unlikely advisers" to the power elite. They were called many things but most commonly we hear of them as soothsayers.

The soothsayer had special talents beyond that of most men. While the powerful made the decisions that impacted the whole of the society in which they lived, the soothsayer could help the elite keep a balance and avoid supernatural retribution.

Soothsayer Talents included interpretation of weather, of dreams... in an effort to obtain fair weather for good business, to achieve goals.

When the power elite were out of balance, weather and storms would turn nasty toward those areas that were under the power elite's control. People would ask, why the ocean storm destroyed a city? why the bugs ate the crops? why the vermin spread disease? why the ice came three years in a row? why the heat burned the ground?

In the Bible and other ancient texts, we read that both dream interpretation and deciphering weather and natural "disasters" correctly helped to appease God and temper the climate, both in nature and in business, for the betterment of all.

It's all about balance, indeed, every generation is sent soothsayers, people who can see the forest and the trees, that understand the yin & the yang, understanding the balance of life as a whole, not only as it appears on a spreadsheet.

Today, we see the value of business plummet, the weather completely out of control, and the soothsayers know the relationship between the two and how to remedy the situation. But where are they? They're an undiscovered resource, just waiting to be asked... in other words, the soothsayers are unheard because they're unemployed...

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