Friday, January 2, 2009

Twilight and On

It seems appropriate to start the year about books. Do you like books? I like books.

This particular series wouldn't be among my personal selections. However, it is what all the teens are reading. It behooves adults to stay current with the cultural themes and messages sent to our youth.

The parent generation have been so marginalized that very few of an outstandingly large, talented and competitive generation have had any input at all. Most have succumb to the current pressures, leaving the country in the condition it is and the marginalized complete not-responsible for any of it.

The arguments against this series are from anti-vampire contingency. While I wouldn't count myself in the pro-vampire crowd. I do admit to eating Count Chocolate Cereal as a kid and watching old Lugosi movies with that thrill/dread anxiety that I seemed to have enjoyed at a teen.

This series is better than the B-movie horror flicks I watched on Sunday afternoons. The books encourage teens to read. The movie might entice teens who don't read to pick up a book for a preview of the next few movie that are inevitable.

And it's romantic with out being romance novel-esque, i.e. trashy or sexually graphic.

The following is my small contribution to Good Reads.

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3) Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

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