Friday, June 27, 2008

Life is a Garden

There are days, weeks, even months that seem to revolve around a common theme. Is it intentional? The thoughtful person will wonder, is this a natural occurring or outside of self theme or is this an issue that needs to be addressed within. In the end the journey is what we perceive, therefore, it may just matter that the issue is addressed.

Contemplation in a busy world is something to be designed and obtained as often as possible. Contemplation provides the time to see the forest for the trees. If it is only the blossom that is focused upon, much of life will pass by without the notice, care and nurturing it requires. Without nurturing the whole, the blossom will whither on the vine and the beauty that could comfort and uplift will be lost for future generations. In time, the old ones will say, there was a blossom, it looked like this… and the children having never seen a blossom won’t believe them.

In the Great United States of America of the past, opportunity was available for people who worked hard. Quality work was rewarded. People were fed, clothed. The economy of the Great United States was built in the shape of a diamond, with the greatest number of honest, hard working Americans the following life style:

A typical American family had one parent working and the other parent at home to care for the family (which really is a full time job).

The family had a home, 2 cars, cupboards full, clothes for everyone, shoes that fit, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, investment, savings, 2 weeks + vacation paid, 40 hour work week, time for recreation, money to pay for services such as: gardening, pool service, plumbers, contractors for additions, handymen for maintenance. The kids enjoyed extra classes, music lessons and more.

In our upside down world today, most families are in varying stages of stress, and financial ruin. Two parents working three jobs, and a myriad of tasks left undone because there is little time and less money.

Basic essentials are disregarded because the hard working American has to choose between bad situation or bad situation.

For one family the choice was between health insurance for the family and tires, an essential part of a car, the car that carries the family from place to place.

The mom was saying how she couldn’t imagine life without health insurance and therefore the dad had taken a job for less money that offered health insurance to the family. In the meantime, someone noticed that the tires on this family’s the car were bald. They couldn’t afford new tires or even used tires.

Guess they’ll be covered for injuries when the tire blows out on the highway.

They could make other choices, what would you choose:

Should they not put gas in the car?

Should they not buy groceries?

Should they not pay their utility bills?

Should they not pay the house payment?

There is no other money. They squeeze out what they can with coupons, buying on sale. They kids wear cast-offs, they shop at resale stores. They are average Americans.

Why are these the choices for most American in the 21st Century? Choices of what would have been considered substandard in the 1950s. Is there no one of influence who knows America’s great history? Is there no one of influence who understands how an economy works?

If the average citizen doesn’t have enough for a decent standard of living, you’ll find banks going under, businesses closing, sales down, health care crisis, homelessness, hunger, substandard work to match substandard wages, filth in the street, foreclosure of homes, stock-market losses, surge in prison population, alcoholism, drug addiction, bridges and streets in disrepair, freedom lost for security measures… oh… we’re already there. Isn’t it time for someone of influence to speak the truth and make the change?

When the Owner looks out from his place, he scans the views of his garden to see what his wealth, knowledge and work has created. The owner hired a Master Gardener, who hires Gardeners, who train apprentices. The lowly apprentice works hard to learn from the Gardeners, they are paid as they train with the promise of better work and living wages.

The Gardener works hard to train the apprentice who eases the laborious tasks. The gardener is responsible to the Master and responsible for the apprentice. There are many levels of gardeners who specialize in particular plants. Then there is the Master Gardener who being in the honor place of providing for the owner the garden of their desire and the responsibility of all the gardeners and apprentice. Each individual being fairly compensated for their efforts by working hard, working well and produces a quality product with little or no waste. They recognize their responsibility at home with their family and at work. The economy of the world is the economy of the garden. All work together for harmony. The harmony produces the bounty. The owner reaps the benefits of the garden but also has the greatest responsibility to see that all have good work, good food and a good life.

The greatest lessons can be learned in the garden. If you wish it to grow, you will nurture it. If not you’ll end up with weeds, rocks and sand.

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