Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hip To Be Square

I met a wonderful couple from El Paso Texas the other day. As we chatted about this and that, I found myself revealing that I’ve become rather boring, or as we used to say in the “good old days” a square. But the really amazing part is how I’m so okay with it.

I must admit, I’ve taken Square to a new height but with the same process that squareness began. The method of applying reason or logic to every subject and situation makes the decision process of what to keep and what to eliminate from life simple, not necessarily easy. The poignant questions become: Does “this thing we are evaluating” have value? What does it add to life?

The process of eliminating the TV was something like this:

The cable bill expounds on the value of paying for 150 channels. The remote control programs 7 channels. Flipping through the channels becomes the primary activity because there is nothing worth watching. Pay for this, why?

Let’s try a while without TV…

Six years later…

Next on the list is the newspaper, if they don’t start including some news I may be able to do without it too…

Having a full life with no time to be dramatic, it truly is hip to be square. Huey Lewis and I have much in common.

“Hip to be Square”

“I used to be a renegade, I used to fool around
But I couldn’t take the punishment, and had to settle down
Now I’m playing it real straight, and yes I cut my hair
You might think I’m crazy, but I don’t even care
Because I can tell what’s going on
It’s hip to be square

I like my bands in business suits, I watch them on TV
I’m working out most everyday and watching what I eat
They tell me that it’s good for me, but I don’t even care
I know that it’s crazy
I know that it’s nowhere
But there is no denying that
It’s hip to be square

It’s not too hard to figure out, you see it everyday
And those that were the farthest out have gone the other way
You see them on the freeway, it don’t look like a lot of fun
But don’t you try to fight it; an idea who’s time has come.

Don’t tell me that I’m crazy
Don’t tell me I’m nowhere
Take it from me
It’s hip to be square”

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The Dragovich 5 said...

Thanks for the blast from the past! I have to admitt I have been pretty square most of my life and am thankful for that :0} (I bet you knew that)

The video contradicts the song and makes me wonder about the band being genuine?