Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S - Sunset Boulevald

Sunset Boulevard
Director: Billy Wilder

William Holden as Joe Gillis
Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond

Sunset Boulevard is the tragic story of a writer who feeling down and out became a gigolo of the former film star Norma Desmond.

Norma Desmond first hires Joe as a script doctor. She wants him to help her write a script. She dreams of working with her friend Cecil B DeMille again. But Norma is increasingly needy. She depends upon Joe too much. She convinces herself she’s in love. Then she convinces Joe by showering him with gifts that he wants what she has to offer.

Ultimately, Joe comes to his senses and decides to leave Norma. Norma suffers a break with reality, shoots Joe in the back and returns to her dressing room to wait for her closing scene, ‘I’m ready for my close-up.’

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Tony Laplume said...

I never knew the context to that line.

Tamara Narayan said...

Interesting. I've heard of the movie and that famous line, but I didn't know what it was about.

Stephsco said...

This is a classic I've heard about so many times but have not seen the original.

Today I'm blogging about Sabrina, and the original 1954 film was directed by Billy Wilder. Hope you are enjoying the A to Z Challenge. Here's my post for today on Memorable Characters.

Joanne said...

awesome movie. Also - Carol Burnett did a great skit takeoff on Sunset Blvd. Worth finding and laughing

Comley Charlotte said...

Loved it (and Rebecca) Nice to meet and connect through atoz challenge. http://aimingforapublishingdeal.blogspot.co.uk/