Saturday, April 5, 2014

E = Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut
Director: Stanley Kubrick

Tom Cruise as Dr. Bill Harford
Nicole Kidman as Alice

An adaptation of the German novel: Dream Story. The controversial film was released months after Stanley Kubrick’s death. The film is strongly sexual in nature. It’s not for the faint at heart.

Issues within the context of the film include marital sex, adultery, sexually transmitted diseases. Be prepared to question morality, safety, truth and love within relationships.

Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman


Joanne said...

This was one of the worst and weirdest movies I ever saw. I'm still apologizing to my husband for taking him to it. almost walked out of the theater. I've concluded through the years, that I don't "get" Kubrick's "genius"

Kate OMara said...

And yet, we can't forget it. Isn't that interesting?

Tony Laplume said...

Haven't seen it, alas. (And not because my eyes were closed.)

Munir said...

I could have seen it and forgotten. May be I will Redbox it.

Jean said...

I always watch when Stanley Kubrick directs, but this was the poorest offering> Now that you tell me that this was released after his death, I understand why. He had great control over nuance and this film was missing that. Thanks! Really interesting! I love films! jean

Natalie Zaman said...

♥ Kubrick Looking forward to your other reviews as the month rolls on! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

mike spain said...

The film did make you think.Racy, strange, and weird yes.

Pat Garcia said...

Thank you again for visiting my blog. So, now my comment on this post. I didn't see this film but I do remember it when it came out.

Before it hit the theaters, I thought to myself maybe Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are having marriage problems. Shortly after, they decided to go separate ways. It was amazing how this film depicted truths in their own marriage that was already deteriorating.


Shawn Yankey said...

Never saw this one and I don't know why. I love Kubrick's films too so I need to at least give it a try.
Shawn from Laughing at Life 2