Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The President and the Assassin

Scott Miller delves into the late 19th century to bring the issues of the era into perspective for the modern reader. Many of the issues that plagued America a hundred years ago are still alive and well today.

Economy: The economy had taken a hit around the world. Exchange of goods was a predominate issue as the industrial revolution created more stuff than one country could consume, the search for new markets around the world became increasingly important.

Politics: Political competition between the democrats and republicans reached a feverish pitch with political corruption that viewed most 'problems' from the elite stance leaving the working people with disdain and/or distrust of the government.

Immigration: New immigrants replaced American workers at lower and lower rates until the profits skyrocketed.

War: American military learned to organize through the Civil War and Indian War years. The US government prompted by business took the war around the world to grab ports in advantageous locations in relation the markets that seemed the largest and most ready for excess American goods, namely, China.

Radicals: Philosophical radicals such as Emma Goldman were outspoken providing fuel to the fire of discontent within the radical outsiders.

The book was an informative read of a period which is often skipped in history class but the decisions made in that era still effect much of US world politics today.

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