Sunday, January 20, 2013

Half Marathon

No, I didn't half marathon today. But I am thinking about jumping in on the next one. I say I'm thinking about it because I haven't done any running of consequence for a couple of decades.

Yes, yes I did run a mile in under six minutes when it was required to pass Phys Ed. Yes, yes I did run after toddlers with lightning speed to keep them from the street, cars and other obstacles. But that was a long time ago, and without a reason to run, running stopped.

But today, after taking this photo of the half marathon shirt, hearing the cheers from half marathon runners and audience as they completed the race and seeing that while exhausted the marathoners all looked really happy, I thought to myself, maybe I could try this marathon thing.

The decision needs to be made by registration time. The next race is about six months away. The training schedule starts well after the registration due date which I think is clever of the marketing department. But I think if I'm going to register I need to be training too. Who knows at this point, it may be impossible to run so far?? They tell me know but I have no experience with this retraining as an old person.

Right now, its all about the best intentions.


Eric von Mizener said...

Keep us posted on when these things come around. I've no plans to run a marathon, but I'd love to complete a 5k. To a guy who once couldn't feel his own legs, that would be awesome.

Kate OMara said...

I will keep you in the loop Eric :)

Rick Smith said...

Go for it!
Let us know how the training is going.

Kate OMara said...

Thanks Rick. I'll do that!

Joanne said...

I bet sheer determination will keep you motivated. Plus, now you committed to your readers. Writing, running - do it all in 2013. Good luck. I look forward to updates.