Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Good Book

Even with technological advances of the internet, new devices that bring information instantly to the user, there is nothing quite like reading a good book.

Reading a book is more than information. A good book, a story book whether in short story form or extended to novel length, brings more than just information to the reader.

The tactile experience of a book creates a love affair with reading. The feel of quality paper, the turning of pages in a fine binding, the smooth sensuality of a good leather cover; there's nothing like it.

As time adds to the value of the story, it also adds to the sensory experience books provide. Aging paper gives first a hint then an intoxicating burst of vanilla & musty aging wood.

Are you a bibliophile? Indeed if you find that books fascinate you, entrance you or beckon to be bought because they feel good, smell good and satisfy your craving for adventure, fantasy or drama, you are in good company.  Famous Male Bibliophiles

Interested in aging books? You may enjoy this little tidbit from Richard at


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