Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project Ends

As a writer, I deal with projects big and small. With those projects come deadlines and self inflicted deadlines and no deadlines at all.

Small projects come and go off my plate. Most of the time I meet the deadline. Every once in a while, I don't. 'To err is human' I remind myself, but still try to get all things done on time, even when it's not possible.

The smaller projects are easier for me to move through. I get attached to larger projects. I fiddle with commas, periods, semi-colons. I re-write, re-do and re-arrange. The larger projects are harder for me.

So I try to trick myself into believing that these smaller projects are unrelated. 12 projects instead of 12 chapters. Sometimes it works.

I dream about larger projects, they become part of me, a growing process. Larger projects leave me a wreck at the end. I miss them. It's as if a friend has died. Well, not really, but you understand me, yes?

There are these tidbits and remnants that no longer have value. I need to delete, clean my desk, clean my zip drive and move on.

So I woke this morning realizing that a page in the book of my life had turned. Onward and forward into the future.


Joanne said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes the mountain seems to high, other times it's lots of little hills. The lazy days of summer are behind us - indeed, a page turned into October. Good luck with all projects!

Kate OMara said...

Thanks for the support Joanne... I think writers have much in common with the Little Engine That Could. :)