Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Write What You Love

If you write daily, write often, write, write, write; you are a writer. Writing is something that writers do.

Picking projects, finishing them and moving them through to publishing, is the business of writing. Today's market requires writers do much of the editor and publisher duties. In addition. writers are expected to market their books too. Wearing 10 hats is the business of writing today.

With so much on a writer’s to-do list it’s amazing that any writer gets anything written. The answer is to write about what you absolutely love or hate, passion will make the difference in writing regularly.

One of my passions is Disneyland. I was three when my parent s first took me to the Magical Kingdom. I’ve loved Walt Disney’s creation ever since. Today, I have a regular column at about Disney California. It’s easy to write about the Happiest Place on Earth.


Tara Tyler said...

thats awesome! one of my passions is disney world. i'd love to be a birnbaum correspondent/researcher!

Kate OMara said...

Hi Tara

If you're interested in writing for about Disney World Here's a link