Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Billy & Miss Sally

“Would you like a glass of Sassafras?” The barmaid offered her suggestion to the rugged cowhand. She liked Billy. She also knew that Billy had a problem with whiskey. It seemed the strong stuff led him one of two places into jail or into a gun-fight.

“Why, yes, ma’am, I’d love me some of your Sassafras,” he smiled his charming smile at Miss Sally. “I never liked it before, but your recipe is the best in the west.”

Miss Sally’s recipe changed every time she made it based on available ingredients. She was thrilled that Billy liked hers best. The base ingredient was the Sassafras root but she could use Licorice or Sarsaparilla too. Spicing the root for a zing flavor, she often added chocolate, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, hops, mint or anise.

“I’m so pleased you like it Billy, but you know it’s different every time,” Sally smiled.

“This one is the very best Miss Sally, I hope you wrote down what went into this here, Root Beer,” he said with some foam dripping from his upper lip.

“This time I did,” she waved a small piece of paper with the ingredients back & forth like a flag.

Billy sighed, “Sally, I think I’m in love.”


Joanne said...

very cute little tale. Made me thirsty for a mug of root beer

Randy Bowden said...

Nice read and a rush of memories....

x said...

Sweet story. What a lovely name for the female character! LOL

Michelle Lopez said...

What a nice story!